Link role groups to role assignments in the child zone

The next step in configuring the child zone is to link the Active Directory role groups created in Create role groups for child zones with the listed and UNIX Login role definitions that are predefined in the child zone. You create this link between an Active Directory group name and the combination of rights associated with a role name by assigning the Active Directory group to the role. The steps are the same for the child zone as the parent zone, except that you expand the Child Zones node and select the name of the child zone before selecting the Authorization node.

When you search for the Active Directory group to assign, you will select the ChildZoneName_Role_Listed, for example sanfrancisco_Role_Listed, for the listed role, and ChildZoneName_Role_Login, for example sanfrancisco_Role_Login, for the UNIX Login role.

Users who are added to the ChildZoneName_Role_Login group will be able to log on to computers that are joined to the child zone or any of its own children, but will not be able to log on to computers in other child zones.