Creating the first zone

Centrify recommends that you plan to use hierarchical zones and create at least one top‑level parent zone. A single top-level zone for your organization is also useful for long‑term management of UNIX profiles. You can have more than one top-level parent zone. For example, if your organization has subsidiaries that are run independently or distinct geographical locations managed by different teams, you may want to create separate parent zones for those lines of business or locations.

Having a single top-level parent zone enables you to create an administrative group of super-users who can log on to every UNIX computer in your organization. It also allows to define some common rights and roles that can be inherited by child zones and the computers in those zones. Having a global or master zone for the entire organization also simplifies setting up provisioning for new accounts. However, there’s no restriction on the number of parent or child zones you create. If you have a distributed environment and delegate administrative authority to separate teams, you can create as many parent zones as you find useful.

This guide describes how to set up the migration environment using one top-level parent zone. If you create more than one parent zone, you may need to repeat steps or extrapolate additional steps from the information presented here.