Why migrate service accounts?

A service account is typically a local user and group account dedicated to a specific application or to performing specific operations. In many cases, the service account has escalated permissions that allow it to run privileged operations on behalf of the application it supports. In addition, service accounts often have no password or a password that is well‑known to multiple users. Service accounts without a password typically require a local sudoers policy to control access. Service accounts with a shared passwords present a security risk because users can avoid an audit trail and, if passwords are managed locally, they may not conform to the password policies that are enforced for normal user accounts.

Therefore, the primary reason for migrating service accounts to Active Directory is to provide better security for accounts that can execute privileged commands, start and stop processes, or run specialized jobs on computers in your network.

Note that not all organizations choose to migrate and manage service accounts in Active Directory. There is no technical requirement that you do so. However, Server Suite provides you with several options for improving the security for service accounts. You should consider the options available, then decide which, if any, are most applicable for your environment.