Steps you take more than once during deployment

During deployment, you perform the following tasks multiple times until you have rolled out the agent to all of the target computers that are in scope for the deployment:

  • Download agent software from the Centrify Download Center or a network location.
  • Deploy the agent software on computers that are ready for installation.
  • If there are local accounts to migrate that must be able to log on to the discovered computer:

    • Import the groups, then users.
    • Map groups, then users to the appropriate Active Directory groups and users.
    • Assign migrated accounts the default UNIX Login role.
  • Join the domain using the adjoin command.
  • Verify Active Directory authentication and validate other operations.

After deployment, deploying new or updated agents is an ongoing administrative task that should be performed on a regular basis unless you have change control issues that either prevent software updates, do not allow Internet connections from the computer where Access Manager is installed, or do not want to deploy the agent on computers added to your network.