Setting permissions for NIS maps

You can delegate administrative permissions for all NIS maps in a zone or for any specific NIS map within a zone by selecting either the NIS Maps parent container object or the specific NIS map object you want to work with. If you select the NIS Maps parent container object, the permissions you set apply to all NIS maps you add to the zone. If you select the individual NIS map object, the permissions you set only apply to that individual NIS map.

To set permissions on NIS maps or NIS map entries

  1. Open the ADSI Edit MMC snap-in and connect to the Active Directory domain.

    Note:   For NIS maps, you must use the Zone Delegation Wizard or ADSI Edit to set Active Directory permissions.

  2. In the console tree, navigate to the zone folder.

    For example, if you deployed using the recommended organizational structure, expand the domain, Centrify, Zones, and select a specific zone name.

  3. Select CN=NisMaps to set permissions for all NIS maps in a zone, right-click, then select Properties.

    If setting permissions for an individual map, expand CN=NisMaps, then select the map object—such as CN=auto_master—right-click and select Properties.

  4. Click the Security tab, then click Advanced.

  5. Click Add to search for the user or group to which you want to give administrative privileges, select the user or group in the results, then click OK.

  6. Scroll to locate the appropriate permissions for the object and its properties to allow the selected user or group to perform the administrative task, click Allow, then click OK.

In most cases, you can grant the required permissions to specific users or groups by selecting the appropriate task in the Zone Delegation Wizard instead of assigning the permissions manually.