Licenses container permissions

The following table describes the minimum rights that must be applied to the Centrify Licenses container that stores the license keys for your installation.

This target object Requires these permissions Applied to

Licenses container

  • Read all properties
  • Create classStore Objects
  • Modify permissions

This object only


  • Write Description property
  • Write displayName property

This object and all child objects

The Setup Wizard requires you to create or select a parent container for license keys. The default location for the parent container for license keys depends on the organizational structure you deploy. For example, if you use the recommended organizational structure, the default location for licenses would be domain/Centrify/Licenses.

You must have at least one parent container for license keys in the forest. You might want to create more than one license container objects to give you more granular control over who has access to which licenses.

By default, all Authenticated Users have Read and List Contents permission for the Licenses container and all of its child objects. These permissions are required to use Access Manager. You can change who has these permissions if you want to prevent users from using Access Manager.