Joining a computer to a zone

To join a computer to a zone, your user account must have the following permission:

Select this target object To apply these permissions

Parent container object for the computer account in the zone

For example, in a classic zone, the ZoneName/Computers container object:


Click the Object tab and select Allow to apply the following permission to this object only:

  • Create serviceConnectionPoint Objects

Computer account object in Active Directory

For example, if the computer account name is AJAX:


Click the Object tab and select Allow for the Full Control permission for the user with permission to join the domain.

The adjoin command grants the computer’s SELF account the following permissions:

  • Write operatingSystem
  • Write operatingSystemVersion
  • Write operatingSystemHotfix
  • Write operatingSystemServicePack
  • Write servicePrincipalName
  • Write userAccountControl
  • Write dnsHostName