Planning organizational units and security groups

One of the important steps in planning a successful deployment of Server Suite is to consider how the software fits into your Active Directory infrastructure. This section describes the issues you should consider in the planning phase that affect how Active Directory and Centrify-specific objects are organized and suggests an organizational model you can use to successfully deploy Centrify within an existing Active Directory infrastructure.

If you are planning a deployment for managing and monitoring access to Windows computers, only Licenses and Zones parent containers is applicable and you can skip the other topics in this section. If you are planning a deployment that includes a mix of different platforms, however, you should review the recommendations for using organizational units (OUs) and groups.

If you plan to audit activity on any platform, Centrify recommends creating separate Active Directory security groups for auditors, administrators, and the computers that make up the audit and monitoring service infrastructure. Planning a deployment that includes the audit and monitoring service infrastructure requires additional resources and expertise. For more information about deploying auditing components, see the Auditing Administrator’s Guide.