Forests separated by a firewall (DMZ)

If you have a firewall between a forest outside of the firewall (the perimeter or DMZ forest) and a protected forest inside the firewall (the internal or corporate forest), the best security practice is to make the DMZ a separate forest with no trust relationship.

In this scenario, the top-level Centrify OU is created in the corporate forest protected by the firewall. This configuration ensures that the domain controllers in the perimeter forest cannot compromise the corporate domain controllers or get access to the corporate global catalog (GC), which stores information about all domains in the forest. Although defining no trust relationship between the perimeter forest and the corporate forest is considered the best practice for security reasons, this configuration prevents authentication through the firewall.

If you want to enable authentication for users in the corporate forest and allow them to access resources in the perimeter forest, Centrify recommends that you create a separate Active Directory forest for the computers to be placed in the network segment you are going to use as the demilitarized zone. You should then establish a one-way outgoing trust from the internal forest to the DMZ forest. For more information about deploying Centrify in a DMZ, see Planning to deploy in a demilitarized zone (DMZ).