UNIX Groups organizational unit

In this deployment model, the UNIX Groups OU is intended to store Active Directory security groups that are migrated from /etc/group files or NIS group maps that you want to preserve.

As part of the initial migration, you should identify one or more users as Centrify Administrators who should be granted the appropriate permissions and the authority to create new Active Directory group principals, and to add Active Directory user principals to the new groups.

After the migration is complete, another team might be responsible for managing the UNIX groups migrated into Active Directory. The team that owns the process for adding UNIX users to a UNIX group, removing UNIX users from a UNIX group, or creating new UNIX groups will need the permissions and the authority in Active Directory to create and delete group principals and manage the membership of those group principals in this OU (for example, ou=unix groups,ou=Centrify). For details about the permissions required to perform these tasks, see Setting permissions for zone groups.