Computer Roles organizational unit

The Computer Roles OU is intended to store the computer group accounts that are associated with a specific computer role. For example, if you plan to have a computer role for computers that host Oracle databases and the set of users assigned the database administrator role, you might create an Active Directory security group called Oracle_Production_Computers in this OU for the computers that host Oracle databases. If you were to add a new Oracle database instance, you would add the computer account for that database server to the Oracle_Production_Computers in this OU.

In most cases, the computer groups in this organizational unit are associated with the user role groups you add to the User Roles OU. For example, if you have a computer role for computers that host Oracle databases, you might have user role groups for database administrators and another user role group for database users. If you were to change who should be allowed to use the database or perform database administration activities, you would modify the membership of these two user role groups.