Licenses and Zones parent containers

Regardless of whether you choose to create the organizational units for the recommended deployment structure or a custom deployment structure, Centrify requires the following parent containers:

  • Licenses parent container object for license keys. You must have at least one parent container for license keys in the forest. You can create more than one of these container objects to give you more granular control over who has access to which licenses.
  • Zones parent container object for individual zone (ZoneName) objects. You must have at least one parent container for zones. You can create more than one parent Zones container to give you more granularity for delegating administrative tasks.

You can select the parent containers for Licenses and Zones when you run the Setup Wizard, when creating a new zone, or when managing licenses in Access Manager.

Some organizations prefer to create and manage Active Directory objects manually to ensure tight control over the objects and their attributes. For example, you might want to manually create separate parent containers for different business departments or locations if you want to manually set permissions and refine who has access to them. However, managing permissions manually can be complex and error-prone. In most cases, Centrify recommends that you establish appropriate permissions on the deployment structure and use the Zone Delegation Wizard to manage administrative permissions on individual zones and the objects contained in zones.