Provisioning Groups organizational unit

The Provisioning Groups OU is intended to store Active Directory distribution groups that are used by the Zone Provisioning Agent. The Zone Provisioning Agent is a Windows service that processes the business rules for creating or deleting UNIX profiles in zones. For example, if a new Active Directory user principal is in one of these group principals, and the group is associated with a zone, the user is automatically provisioned with a UID and a GID in that zone.

Note:   The profile does not allow the user to log on to computers in the zone. Identity management is separate from access management. The user’s role assignments control access.

During the migration process, users you have identified as Centrify Administrators should have the appropriate permissions and authority to create, delete, and manage the membership of these Active Directory distribution groups. After migration, the team that owns the process for the provisioning UNIX accounts will need the same permissions and authority. For details about the permissions required to perform these tasks, see Setting permissions for zone groups.