Single forest with an empty root domain

In this scenario, the forest root domain is used for the DNS namespace with one or more child domains that store information about computers, users, and groups. This is the most common Active Directory implementation. There are two important considerations if this is your Active Directory infrastructure:

  • It is likely you will have a disjointed DNS namespace that you will need to resolve when you join computers to the domain.
  • You might want to use multiple top-level Centrify OUs for the site. For example, assume the empty forest root domain,, contains three child domains:

    In this scenario, you might have a top-level Centrify OU in each child domain that includes UNIX computers to allow for more efficient data management and delegation of administrative tasks. However, if the child domains are centrally managed, you might want to create a single OU for Centrify in the forest root or one of the child domains. In general, you should base your decision on who will be responsible for managing the Centrify objects. If there are separate administrative groups for each child domain, create a top-level Centrify OU in each child domain.