Delegating control for Centrify administrators

The CentrifyAdministrators security group is intended for members of the administrative or security team who are responsible for managing all Centrify-related information stored in Active Directory. You should add members to the group to grant specific users the rights required to manage Centrify licenses, zones, user roles, computer roles, provisioning groups, and the user, group, and computer profiles in each zone.

Members of the Centrify Administrators security group are responsible for identifying an organization’s zone requirements and creating the zone hierarchy. Centrify Administrators also decide when to create new zones, delete obsolete zones, or consolidate existing zones. In most cases, Centrify Administrators define the basic access rights for zones and delegate administrative tasks to other users and groups on a zone-by-zone basis.

Permissions for the Centrify Administrators group are applied at the top-level of the deployment structure—for example, ou=Centrify—and grant privileges on the organizational units, containers, and object within the deployment structure. If you don’t create this group or a similar security group, only members of the Domain Admins group can create new zones.

If you are managing security and individual permissions manually for Active Directory objects, see Permissions required for administrative tasks for information about the permissions required for individual tasks.