Adding new users to a provisioning group and a role group

For new Active Directory users to be effective users of a zone, they must be added to the parent zone’s “users” provisioning group and to a role group. You can add users to these groups manually using Active Directory Users and Computers or you can update your existing provisioning process for modifying the membership of Active Directory groups to add users to the appropriate groups. The key points to understand are:

  • Users are added to a provisioning group so that the Zone Provisioning Agent creates a UNIX profile for them. A user must have a complete UNIX profile to be a valid user on UNIX computers. Centrify recommends creating the profile in the parent zone, but you can create the profile in any zone or on individual computers.
  • Users are added to a role group so that they have a valid role assignment that allows them to log on or perform specific tasks. Initially, you only have two possible role assignments, listed or UNIX Login, but you are likely to create more.