Adding a new UNIX group profile to all zones

If you want to make a new UNIX group available to all zones, you should first create a new Active Directory group. In most cases, groups are not shared across multiple zones because of the potential for privilege escalation based on group membership. However, the steps for creating a UNIX profile that spans all zones or only the computers in a specific zone are similar.

Using Active Directory Users and Computers, scripts, or your existing provisioning process, the basic workflow for a new group would be similar to this:

  1. Create a new Active Directory group for access to UNIX computers in the UNIX Groups organizational unit (ou=UNIX Groups, ou=UNIX).

    For example, if you are creating a new Active Directory group for the denali project team in the parent zone arcadeGlobal, use Active Directory Users and Computers to create a new group named arcadeGlobal_denali.

  2. (Optional) Add users to the group if you know who to add.

    For example, if you are creating the group for a new project and you have a list of authorized users for that project, you can click the Members tab to add those Active Directory users to the new group. If those Active Directory users have a valid UNIX profile and role assignment in the zone, their secondary group membership is updated with the new group.

  3. Add the new Active Directory group to the appropriate zone provisioning group. If you are adding the group to the parent zone, you add the user to the “groups” provisioning group parentZoneName_Zone_Groups.

    If you wanted to create the profile in a child zone instead of the parent zone, you would add the Active Directory group to the childZoneName_Zone_Groups. If you use some other naming convention for the provisioning group, you would search for and select that group.

  4. Run the Zone Provisioning Agent update command in preview mode to verify your changes. For example:

    zoneupdate /p zoneName
  5. Check the results of the zoneupdate preview, then run the command without the preview option to execute the business rules for provisioning. For example:

    zoneupdate zoneName
  6. The Zone Provisioning Agent creates a UNIX profile for the group in the zone based on the business rules you defined.

    Note:   If you remove an Active Directory group from the Active Directory provisioning group, the Zone Provisioning Agent removes the UNIX group profile from the zone.