Preliminary software delivery notification email template

The purpose of this template is to notify users that they are scheduled to receive new software that will be delivered to their computers. This email notice should include a specific delivery date or a time frame estimate, if possible. Although you can delete this information from the email message you send out in your organization, this notice is most effective if users know specifically when the change is scheduled to occur. You can also customize the specific requirements or objectives that Server Suite is helping your organization achieve.


The [Department Testing Centrify] has successfully completed testing of the Centrify software and is ready to begin the deployment portion of the project. The target date for deployment is [Scheduled time].

Deployment of this software will greatly enhance our ability to comply with multiple industry requirements to include [List objectives, such as: PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Internal/External Security Audit, specific organization initiatives]. These requirements are in alignment with prioritized corporate business objectives.

The Centrify software enables the streamlining of authentication, access controls and privileges, and auditing for all corporate IT systems. For the most part, deployment and streamlined authentication and authorizations services occurs “behind the scenes” with minimal, if any, user disruption. You should not notice any operational changes when the software is deployed to your computer.

Thank you for your cooperation,

[IT Department Signature]