Department-specific announcement and instructions email template

The purpose of this template is to notify users in a specific department that they are scheduled to transition to using Server Suite for authentication and authorization. This email notification indicates that you plan to join the computers in the department to an Active Directory domain during down time. Depending on your organization’s policies, this email may suggest users log on with their Active Directory credentials or explicitly state that they can continue to log on with their existing credentials.


The [Specific department you are deploying to, such as: Accounting Department] is scheduled to begin the transition to Server Suite next week. In order to ensure a smooth transaction we simply ask that you log off of all systems before leaving for the weekend. When you return to work the following week, you should [be able to log on with your current user name and password].

If you experience any difficulties logging on, or with application connectivity, please submit a ticket or contact the support desk immediately. Several members of each department helped the IT team perform successful testing and validation of this new solution, and we anticipate a smooth transition.

Thank you for your cooperation,

[IT Department Signature]