Simplified environment analysis and zone design template

This template provides a framework for the information that the deployment team should collect, analyze, and document in evaluating the existing network infrastructure and how it will change after deployment. Depending on your environment and requirements, you might need to collect additional information, but this template describes the most common elements with examples that you can adapt to your organization.

  1. Introduction

    Use this section to provide a brief overview of the deployment plan. For example, document the features you plan to deploy, any primary goals that might affect design decisions, and any dependencies or special considerations, such as activities that require change control approval or enhanced permissions.

  2. Network architecture

    Use this section to capture details about your existing network configuration and Active Directory architecture. For example, you might want to record information about the Active Directory site, forest, and domain controllers, including trust relationships and domain and forest functional levels, if applicable.

    You might also include details about your DNS configuration, including whether you have more than one DNS namespace and any port requirements, firewall restrictions, and any network connectivity issues. For details about the default ports used, see Default ports for network traffic and communication.

  3. Centrify-managed computers

    Use this section to provide details about the existing UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X computers on which you plan to deploy the Centrify Agent.

  4. Provisioning process

    Use this section to describe the process for provisioning computers, groups, and users.

  5. Rights, roles, and role assignments

    Use this section to describe the rights, roles, role assignments, and configuration policies you require. For example, if you use the sudo program and the sudoers file, use this section to document how rights and roles defined in the sudoers file and whether the sudoers file is managed locally on each computer or in a central location.

  6. Zone architecture

    Use this section to identify the Active Directory schema you are using and where Centrify-related objects are located in the Active Directory forest.

  7. Deployment preparation in Active Directory

    Use this section to summarize the deployment of Centrify components into the existing Active Directory forest and domain.

  8. Windows installation

    Use this section to describe how zones will be created and configured.

  9. UNIX deployment

    Use this section to describes the deployment of Centrify Agents on UNIX computers.

  10. Group Policies

    Use this section describes the group policies that will be deployed for UNIX computers.