Test additional administrative tasks

You may want to try other typical administrative tasks that you expect to perform in the production environment. For example, you may want to test and verify the following tasks:

  • Changing the password for an Active Directory user using the passwd or adpasswd command on a UNIX computer changes the user’s Active Directory password for Windows computers.
  • Logging on as a user from another trusted Active Directory domain or another trusted forest is successful when you specify the user’s fully-qualified domain name (for example, milo.cutter@paris.arcade.com).
  • Setting a user’s effective group membership using the adsetgroups command.
  • Logging on using previously cached credentials. Offline authentication enables users to log on when computers are disconnected from the network or have only periodic access to the Active Directory domain. For example, users who have laptop computers must be able to log on and be successfully authenticated when they are not connected to the network.