Resolving issues in the pilot deployment

Executing a formal test plan is intended to help you uncover issues that need to be resolved, troubleshoot any unexpected behavior, and correct any potential problems before end-users are affected. The pilot deployment enables you to deploy Centrify software packages on a subset of typical users in the production environment in a controlled way. You can then use the pilot deployment to evaluate server and network load and how adding new computers and users to the Active Directory affects your environment. The initial deployment also allows you to closely monitor the experience of the user community participating in the pilot program.

With the pilot deployment, you can also develop and refine your processes and operational expertise before you roll out Centrify authentication and authorization services to the entire organization.

You can install Centrify Agents at any time without affecting any user or computer operations. Installing the Centrify Agent on UNIX computers has no effect until you join the computer to the domain. Setting up the initial zone or set of zones does not affect the operation of any existing Active Directory infrastructure or Windows environment. Therefore, you can install the software for the pilot whenever it is convenient to do so.

Before you join computers to the domain, you must define and assign appropriate roles to the user community. Users who don’t have role assignments will not be allowed to log on to any computers. It is essential for you to test and validate role definitions and assignments to ensure users won’t be locked out of the computers they need access to when computers join the domain.