Deploying to the production environment

After the initial deployment is stable and you have migrated existing users and groups successfully, you can begin moving the rest of your UNIX computers, users, and groups to Active Directory. In most cases, this migration is done in stages by repeating the tasks described in this guide for additional target sets of computers, users, and groups. After each stage, you should allow a period of time for monitoring and resolving issues for the migrated user population. Your deployment plan should include a schedule for when different sets of users are to be migrated and an analysis of how those users should be placed into zones according to your migration plan.

In general, you should migrate an increasing number of computers into zones in each stage of the production deployment. For example, in the first round of migration, you might migrate 15% of the computers into the first set of zones. You should then allow time in the schedule to troubleshoot and resolve issues to ensure that the migration was successful. In the next phase, you then might migrate another 25% of the computers. After you determine the second phase of the migration is successful, you might migrate the remaining computers into the remaining zones.

Note:   Whenever possible, you should also plan to migrate all of the computers that have been identified for a particular zone at the same time. Migrating all of the computers in a zone at the same time helps to reduce user confusion over which password to use when authenticating.