Set group policies to govern the agent behavior

One of the most powerful features in the Centrify platform is the ability to centrally push out Group Policy to Linux systems. Centrify recommends deploying at least 1 GPO to your systems so you have the means to centrally configure the agent behavior in your environment. Group policy settings are documented in the Group Policy Guide. In the event a change to the Centrify parameters is needed for the environment, a GPO change can quickly deploy the change to the systems. 

Customers should use the “Set crontab entries” GPO to deploy a crontab entry that runs the program /usr/share/centrifydc/adedit/adsyncignore every week.  This will assure Centrify is not looking up in AD local users, not defined in AD.  This is a very strong recommendation.  Customers can choose another mechanism to deploy the crontab entry to systems if that makes more sense for their environment.