Upgrade Centrify Agents and administrative tools

Many technologies are prone to introducing problems when upgrading to the latest and greatest version. Centrify technology has been around for 15 years and unlike common practice with other technologies of waiting to upgrade, Centrify recommends having the latest and greatest versions installed because these will provide greater stability and security. Centrify provides major releases and minor releases every year. The agent is continually receiving security, performance, and feature updates. The administrator tools (consoles, SDKs, APIs) are continually adding functionality that can be pushed to the agent and more support for automation.

Customers should review security updates from Centrify on a periodic basis.

One of the most important things a customer can do is to upgrade the Centrify Agent once per year to take advantage of the additional functionality/stability offered with latest versions. Centrify Agents and administrative tools are easy to upgrade, can be done in a modular fashion and are backwards and forwards compatible. The most recent releases can be found at the Centrify Downloads section of the Centrify Support Portal.

Customers should leverage Enterprise grade deployment framework (supported by technologies like Chef, Puppet, Bladelogic, etc) to automatically deploy the Centrify Agent and updates. Leverage Chef/Puppet/BladeLogic to automatically deploy and maintain agent configuration parameters and to leverage the Centrify Repo to automatically upgrade target systems in a streamlined fashion.  Another option is the Centrify Software Repo for streamlined installation and updates.