Installing the Centrify Licensing Service

The Centrify Licensing Service is installed by default when you install Centrify Server Suite. The default installation location is:

C:\Program Files\Centrify\Licensing Service

For details about installing Centrify Server Suite, see the Planning and Deployment Guide and the Administrator’s Guide for Windows.

You can choose not to install the licensing service during Centrify Server Suite installation by deselecting the Centrify Licensing Service check box in the list of components to install when the Centrify Management Services installation wizard executes. For example, if the licensing service is already installed on one computer in the forest and you do not need to install it on other computers, you can deselect it from the list of installed components. However, you should ensure that the licensing service is installed on at least one computer in the forest before deselecting it during installation.

If you do not install the licensing service when you install Centrify Server Suite, you can install it separately as described in Performing a standalone Licensing Service installation.