Centrify license management tools

Centrify provides a set of tools that let you manage Centrify licenses and generate reports about the different types of Centrify licenses you have purchased.

The tool for adding and removing licenses, monitoring license usage, and configuring license usage notification is the Centrify Licensing Service. The licensing service works together with Server Suite components to monitor and report usage and activity for all types of Centrify licenses. For more information about using the licensing service, see Managing licenses with the Licensing Service

The tool for generating license reports is the Centrify Licensing Report wizard. The wizard generates a report summary and detailed system information about the computers where you have Centrify software deployed. Report information is formatted as comma-separated values (CSV) in a text file. The report is intended primarily for use by Centrify Support. If requested, you can send it to Centrify Support for analysis. You can also use the report for your own analysis. For more information about the Licensing Report wizard, see Creating licensing reports with the Licensing Report wizard