How licensing works

Centrify licensing is based on the number of servers and workstations you authorize for authentication and privilege elevation, and for audit and monitoring service. License validation and management are handled through the licensing service, the Access Manager console, and the Audit Manager console.

Centrify license management tools check for license keys when any of the following events occur:

  • A manual or automatic refresh operation is performed through the licensing service.
  • You start the Access Manager console.
  • An agent-managed computer joins a zone.
  • You start the Audit Manager console, the Audit Analyzer console, or the auditing session player; or when you rotate to a new auditing database using either PowerShell or the SDK.

Checking licenses for authentication and privilege elevation verifies that there are enough license keys installed for all UNIX and Windows computers with valid accounts in Active Directory.

Checking licenses for audit and monitoring service verifies that there are enough license keys installed for each computer that is connected to an audit and monitoring service collector.

If the number of licensed computers exceeds the total number of licenses you have purchased, a message is displayed with license usage details, and—if applicable—instructions to add license keys.

After you have installed enough license keys to cover all the configured UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows computers, the applicable Centrify console will open at startup and allow you to perform all of the normal administrative tasks.

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