Information required to produce the licensing report

Before you run the wizard, verify that you have the following information available:

What you need Here’s why

Folder location

The Licensing Report wizard can be installed with Server Suite or downloaded and installed as a separate executable file.

If you download the file from the Centrify website, it is saved by default in your Downloads folder. This folder is usually located on the drive where Windows is installed in a folder with your user name. For example, the path to the file might be similar to this:


Domain controller

Centrify products are licensed for the entire forest. Therefore, the wizard must be able to connect to a domain controller that can access Active Directory information for the entire forest.

You are prompted to specify the domain controller and credentials for connecting to the domain when you start the wizard. Alternatively, you can specify the name of a domain that is trusted to access other domains in the forest.

User credentials for authentication and privilege elevation (DirectControl and DirectAuthorize)

The wizard must be able to read license and deployment information from the domain controller that has access to all domains in the forest. By default, your logon account credentials are used to connect to the domain controller.

If your logon account does not have the List Objects permission to access the domain controller, you can specify a different user name and password when prompted to specify the account credentials for connecting to the domain.

User credentials for audit and monitoring service (DirectAudit)

The licensing report wizard attempts to retrieve usage information from Active Directory before attempting to retrieve information from audit store databases. The wizard attempts to connect to audit store databases only if the information is not found in Active Directory. If the wizard needs to connect to an audit store database, user credentials and the “Manage License” or “View” permission for each installation are required.

By default, the same user credentials are used to get all deployment information. However, if the user account does not have the “Manage License” or “View” permission, you can specify a different user name and password for audit installations when prompted.

Report output configuration

You need to specify the file name and folder location for the licensing report generated by the wizard.

You must also decide whether the report output should show or hide information about the computers where you have deployed Centrify software. If you choose to hide zone, computer, and installation names, the information will be replaced with a one-way hash of the text to prevent the computers from being identified in the report. If you choose this option, you will not be able to review and validate license information for specific computers.

The report output is saved as comma-separated values (CSV) in a text file.