Reviewing the licensing report output

The Licensing Report wizard generates a report formatted as a set of comma‑separated values (CSV) in a text file. The report contains two main sections:

  • The first section contains summary information about the counted computers where you have Centrify software deployed.
  • The second section contains detailed information about the computers where you have Centrify software deployed, including separate areas for counted and uncounted computers. If a computer is uncounted, a comment explains the reason why it is uncounted.

Note:   See How computers are counted for licensing reports for more information about which computers in the forest are counted, and how their licenses count against the total number of available licenses.

The first and second report sections are separated from each other as follows:

Just before the end of Section 1, a checksum is included to validate the authenticity of the report. For example:


Editing the checksum or any other part of Section 1 invalidates the report. If you make any changes in this section, you will need to generate a new report.

You should also note that the last lines in the report are a report identifier string and the version number of the Licensing Report wizard that generated the report. For example, you might see lines similar to this at the end of the report:

Report ID,"8OY5i6p0LZtePMYTAg0PqcImIZA="

You should not modify or delete the report identifier or the version number.