Running the utility from the command line.

As an alternative to running the licensing report utility as a wizard, you can use the command-line interface to run the wizard in a Command Prompt window. To use the command-line interface for the utility, navigate to the directory where the CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe file is located (the default location is C:\Program Files\Centrify\Deployment Report). Open a Command Prompt window, and execute the command using the following syntax:

CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe [/standardmode] 
[/server=server] [/plaindata] [/silent /output=filepath [/force]] [/help] [/?]

You can use the following options with the utility:

Use this option To do this


Run CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe with standard edition support only.


Specify the name of a domain controller in the forest for which you want to run the report.


Include host, zone, and installation names in the report. By default, host, zone, and installation names are not included in the report.


Run CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe in silent mode. You can use this option when generating the report for Server Suite standard edition using the
/standardmode option, or without the /standardmode option to generate an report that includes audit and monitoring service information.


Specify output file path and file name of the licensing report. You can use this option only when you are using the /silent option.


Force the generation of a new licensing report even if the output file specified already exists. You can use this option only when you are using the /silent option.

/help, /?

Display command syntax and usage information.