Should you be concerned about compatibility?

Compatibility issues are managed automatically when you use the shell script to upgrade packages. If you plan to update packages using a native package manager, however, you should be aware of potential compatibility issues and be able to manually manage dependencies between packages. Depending on the version of Centrifysoftware you currently have installed, the version you are upgrading to, and which packages you have installed, you might have many or no compatibility concerns. The first step is to identify which software packages and versions you have deployed.

The core agent package for access control and privilege management for versions before version 5.4.0 is CentrifyDC. For all releases after and including 5.4.0, the core agent package is split into four distinct packages:


The core agent package for auditing is CentrifyDA. Other packages you might have installed include:


Note:   When you upgrade to version 5.4.0 of the Centrify Agent, you must also upgrade all of the other Centrify packages you have installed to version 5.4.0 as well. If you fail to upgrade a package other than the core packages, and attempt to upgrade the core agent packages to 5.4.0, the upgrade will fail. For agent versions after 5.4.0, you may not be required to simultaneously upgrade each of the packages other than the core agent packages.