Upgrading auditing components in a specific order

Because the upgrade process is expected to take a period of time—the length of time depends on the size and complexity of your installation—there are specific rules about the configurations supported and the order in which you should upgrade auditing components.

To ensure auditing continues uninterrupted during the upgrade period, you should upgrade audit installation components in the following order:

  1. Audit store databases
  2. Management server databases
  3. Consoles and collectors and the management server service
  4. Agents

By following this upgrade order, you can ensure components can continue to communicate while you upgrade the rest of the audit installation. For example, an upgraded audit store can continue to receive audit date from collectors and respond to requests from the management server and consoles that have not be updated.

Be sure to upgrade all of your audit store databases before upgrading other components. You can upgrade the database without upgrading other components from a Command window by running the following command:

setup.exe /database