Upgrading the operating system

Upgrading the operating system (OS) on a managed computer can make major changes to the configuration files and utilities installed on it, In many cases, operating system upgrades and operating system patches can changes affect the behavior of Centrify software. If the behavior of Centrify software is modified because of an operating system upgrade, it is possible for users to be locked out and unable to access to computer resources. To prevent this from happening, Centrify recommends that you first remove any Centrify packages you have installed before upgrading the operating system, then reinstall the packages after the operating system upgrade has been completed and the computer has been verified to be operating normally.

You should note that removing Centrify software prior to applying operating system patches or upgrading the operating system is not required in most cases. However, because operating system changes can affect authentication and authorization services, it is considered a best practice to ensure the upgrade does not interrupt services for any users.