Finding upgrade packages

You can find Server Suite and agent packages for all supported operating systems on the Centrify Customer Download Center. From the Customer Download Center, you can choose to download individual agent packages one at a time or download an archive that includes agents for all operating systems at once.

At a minimum, you should download the Centrify Agent Installer and the ADCheck Diagnostic Tool. You can then use the shell script interactively or with the centrify-suite.cfg configuration file to install and enable features on the computers you want to upgrade.

Centrify recommends that you use the shell script to install or upgrade all Centrify packages on managed computers, especially if you have multiple Centrify packages installed that you wish to upgrade. The installation script performs a thorough set of pre-installation and post-installation steps to ensure a successful installation or upgrade with minimal disruption to your environment.

Alternatively, you can use the native package manager for your operating system to upgrade the components you have installed. If you want to use a native package manager, see Using a native package manager on Linux computers for Linux computers or Using a native package manager on UNIX computers for UNIX computers.