Remove and re-install agent features

If you have problems upgrading any agent features, such as access control and privilege management or auditing services, you should do the following:

  • Log on as root and disable auditing on UNIX computers where auditing is enabled:
    dacontrol -d
  • Use the adleave command to remove the UNIX computer from its current zone and Active Directory domain.
  • Use the Centrify Privilege Elevation Service settings to remove the local Windows computer from its current zone, then use the Windows Control Panel application to remove the agent services from the local computer.
  • Rerun the script or the agent setup program to install the agent cleanly.

    You can join the domain from the installation script on UNIX computers or join a zone from the agent configuration wizard on Windows computers.

  • Log on as root and enable auditing on UNIX computers where you want auditing enabled

    dacontrol -e