Auditing infrastructure compatibility

You can upgrade to Server Suite—with Audit Manager, Audit Analyzer, and Collector service version 3.1.x or later—to manage auditing on UNIX, Linux, and Windows computers from version 2.x or 3.x. If you have agents from version 1.x, you must manage them using a console from version 1.x.

You must update the collector service to version 3.x to receive audit data from Windows computers with 3.x Windows agents.

Because the auditing infrastructure is a multi-tiered architecture that collects information to be preserved, reviewed, and archived, Centrify recommends a more formal upgrade process than for other components. This is especially true for larger organizations that collect a great deal of audit data. If you are upgrading the auditing infrastructure, therefore, see Upgrading the auditing infrastructure for more detailed information about the process to follow.