Leaving an Active Directory domain

To start the Centrify program for joining or leaving a domain:

  1. Click Applications > Utilities > Centrify, then double-click Centrify Join Assistant to open it.

    Click Continue on the Welcome page and the join assistant displays information about the domain to which the computer is connected:

  2. Select whether to disable the computer object in Active Directory, remove the computer object from Active Directory, or leave without contacting Active Directory.

    • Disable: Disables the computer object in Active Directory.

    • Remove: Removes the computer object from Active Directory.

    • Leave without contacting Active Directory: This option forces the local computer's settings to their pre-join conditions without contacting Active Directory. The Computer Object will not be removed or disabled in Active Directory.

      Use this option if the Active Directory computer account has been modified or deleted so that the host computer can no longer work with it.

  3. Click Leave to leave the domain.