Installing the administrative template

Centrify provides templates in both XML and ADMX format. In most cases it is best to use the XML templates, which provide greater flexibility, such as the ability to edit settings after setting them initially, and in many cases contain validation scripts for the policies implemented in the template.

However, in certain cases, you may want to add templates by using the ADMX files. For example, if you have implemented a set of custom tools for the Windows ADMX-based policies, and want to extend those tools to work with the Centrify policies, you can implement the policies with ADMX template files. The Group Policy Management Editor will automatically read all ADMX files stored in the %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\ folder.

The ADMX templates do not support extended ASCII code for locales that require double-byte characters. For these locales, you should use the XML templates.

To install the Centrify XML administrative template for Mac group policies

This procedure assumes that you are using the Group Policy Management Console and have created a Mac OS X-specific GPO. For information about using a different console, such as ADUC, see the Group Policy Guide.

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console and select the Group Policy Object that you are using for Mac computers, right-click, then click Edit to open the Group Policy Management Editor.
  2. Expand Computer Configuration > Policies and select Centrify Settings. Right click and click Add/Remove Templates.
  3. Click Add, then navigate to the directory that contains the Centrify centrify_mac_settings.xml administrative template. By default, Centrify administrative templates are located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Centrify Shared\Group Policy Management Editor Extension\policy folder.

  4. Select the centrify_mac_settings.xml file, then click Open to add this template to the list of Policy Templates.

  5. Click OK.

You should now see the categories of Mac group policies listed as Mac OS X Settings under Centrify Settings in the Group Policy Management Editor. For example:

Note:   If you update Centrify to a new version, new templates may be included with the installation. To make any new policies included in the templates available for use, you must reapply each template by following the steps in one of these procedures. If you see the message, The selected XML file already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?, click Yes. This action overwrites the template with any new or modified group policies. It does not affect any configuration in the template that has been applied; that is, any policies that you have enabled remain enabled.