Installing the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac

The Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac can be installed in several different ways. The procedure in this section shows how do so by double-clicking the Centrify Installer package (DMG) and following the instructions displayed on the screen. This installation method is recommended for most users when installing on a single computer or a limited number of computers.

When you use the Centrify package installer, you will be prompted to join the domain. You may also join the domain after installation using either the adjoin command-line program or the Centrify Directory Access plug-in.

Centrify provides a number of other ways to install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac:

  • By executing the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac installation script, in a Terminal window on a Mac computer and following the instructions displayed by the script.

    If you are an experienced UNIX administrator and are familiar with UNIX command-line installations, running is a good method to use. When you install using the script, you can automatically join an Active Directory domain as part of the installation process; see Installing using the script for details.

  • By installing remotely, without user interaction, using Apple Remote Desktop. This is a good method to use if you are generally using Apple Remote Desktop for software distribution. With Apple Remote Desktop you can add pre- and post-installation scripts that allow you to join the remote computer to a domain after installation; see Installing silently on a remote computer for details.

To install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac on a Mac computer using the graphical user interface:

  1. Before installing the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac, disable Apple’s built-in Active Directory plug-in, and remove Active Directory from the Authentication, and Contacts search paths. For more information, see Disabling Apple’s built-in Active Directory plug-in.
  2. In addition, be certain that the Apple Directory Utility is closed.
  3. Log on with the Administrator account.
  4. Navigate to the directory on the CD or your local network where the agent package is located. For example, if you are installing from the Centrify CD, open the MacOS directory.
  5. Double-click the DMG file, for example:
  6. Double-click ADCheck to open the ADCheck utility.

    ADCheck performs a set of operating system, network, and Active Directory checks to verify that the Mac computer meets the system requirements necessary to install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac and join an Active Directory domain.

  7. Enter the domain you intend to join with the Mac computer and click AD Check; for example:

  8. Review the results of the checks performed. If the target computer, DNS environment, and Active Directory configuration pass all checks with no warnings or errors, you should be able to perform a successful installation and join the specified domain. If you receive errors or warnings, correct them before proceeding with the installation; see the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX for more information about ADCheck.

  9. Double-click the CentrifyDC package to open the Installer:

  10. Review the information in the Welcome page, then click Continue.

  11. Review or print the terms of the license agreement, then click Continue; click Agree to agree to the terms of the license agreement. Then click Install (note that you cannot change the volume on which the agent is installed — it must be on the same volume as Mac OS X).

  12. If prompted, enter the administrator name and password, and click Install Software to install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac.

    If you see the following warning box, click OK. If you did not have Directory Utility running during the installation, you can ignore the warning. If Directory Utility was open, you can quit and restart it to show the correct status of the Centrify plug-in.

    The installation process runs and presents the Installation Completed page once the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac is installed.

  13. Select Launch Centrify Join Assistant if you want to join a domain, then click Continue.

    Note:   If you know that you want to use Centrify zones in your environment, exit the installer now. You must create zones first, before you can join to one. Refer to Deciding when and how to join a domain for more information.

    If you chose not to launch the Centrify Join Assistant before clicking Continue, the installer presents a summary indicating that the installation was successful. You can now close the installer.

    If you chose to launch the Centrify Join Assistant, you can start the process of Joining an Active Directory domain.

Note:   If the Mac system is MacOS 11 or later, you must configure full disk access for the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac before you join the system to an Active Directory domain.