What happens if the FileVault-authorized user’s password is reset?

If the password is reset while the computer is off or not connected to the domain, the password will not be immediately updated so the user must first log in with the old password, then back in with the new password.

For example, follow these steps for a sample set up such as the following:

  • The Mac computer is turned off.
  • FileVault 2 is enabled.
  • user1 is the primary FileVault 2 authorized user.
  1. An administrator changes the user1 password in Active Directory Users and Computers (through Reset Password), and informs user1 of the change.
  2. You start up the computer, log on as user1, and enter the new password, which fails.
  3. Enter the old password, which works.
  4. Restart the computer, log on and enter the new password, which should be successful.