Populating the home directory on a network share

If you configure users to automount a network share when they log on, you must determine whether a home directory already exists on the network share for those users. If the individual user’s home directory does not exist on the network share, Access Manager creates the home directory automatically the first time the user logs on.

Note:   For NFS shares, Access Manager cannot create the home directory on the network share, so you must create the directory before users log in for the first time.

For example, assume you have defined the home directory in a user’s Centrify Profile as: /SMB/demo-dc.acme.com/home/thomas, which indicates that there is an SMB share on the server demo-dc and a shared folder named home on which the user thomas has permission to list folders and create folders.

Note:   For the server name, be certain to use the fully-qualified domain name, as in the example (demo-dc.acme.com), not the short name (demo-dc).

When the zone user thomas logs on for the first time, Access Manager creates the new home directory thomas and populates it with the standard Mac OS X files and folders.

If the home directory specified in the Centrify Profile for a zone user exists prior to the user’s first logon, Access Manager assumes that the directory is valid and contains the appropriate files and does not populate it with additional Mac-specific folders.