Installing using the script

This section explains how to install using the script. This method is recommended for experienced UNIX administrators who are familiar with UNIX command-line installations. Otherwise, you should install by using the graphical user interface, which is described in Installing the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac.

To install using the command-line program:

Note:   Before launching the installer, be certain that Apple Directory Utility is closed. If it is open while running the installer, it causes the Centrify Directory Access plug-in to show the incorrect status, that is, it shows that the plug-in is disabled when in fact it is enabled.

  1. Log on with a valid user account.

    Note:   You are not required to log on as the root user on, but you must know the password for the Administrator account to complete the installation.

  2. Mount the CD-ROM device using the appropriate command for the local computer’s operating environment, if it is not automatically mounted.

  3. Change to the appropriate directory on the CD or on the network where the DirectControl agent package is located. For example, change to the Agent_Mac directory.

  4. Run the script to start the installation of Centrify on the local computer’s operating environment. For example:

    sudo ./

    Before beginning the installation, the script runs the ADCheck utility, which performs a set of operating system, network, and Active Directory checks to verify that the Mac computer meets the system requirements necessary to install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac and join an Active Directory domain.

  5. Review the results of the checks performed. If the target computer, DNS environment, and Active Directory configuration pass all checks with no warnings or errors, you should be able to perform a successful installation and join. If you receive errors or warnings, correct them before proceeding with the installation.

  6. Follow the prompts displayed to select the services you want to install and the tasks you want to perform. For example, you can choose whether you want to join a domain or restart the local computer automatically at the conclusion of the installation.

When installation is complete, see Understanding the directory structure for a description of the directories and files installed for Centrify.