Installing remotely on a Mac computer using Apple Remote Desktop

Perform the following steps to install the agent remotely on a target Mac computer without requiring any user interaction on the target Mac computer.

Note:   If you use this method to install version 5.1.0 of the agent, the Centrify Join Assistant launches on the target Mac computer after the installation completes, and a user must interact with the Centrify Join Assistant to complete the join process. For all other versions of the agent, no user interaction on the target Mac computer is required.

To remotely install the DirectControl agent and join a computer to the domain using Apple Remote Desktop 3:

  1. Verify that you have an Apple Remote Desktop 3 Admin station and one or more Apple Remote Desktop 3 Clients.
  2. Verify that all of the Apple Remote Desktop 3 Client computers where you want to install the DirectControl agent are set to Allow Remote Desktop using the Service pane in the Sharing system preference. For example:

  3. Copy the DirectControl agent package, for example centrifydc-release-macversion-i386.dmg, to the Apple Remote Desktop 3 Admin computer and verify that you can access the disk image.

  4. Open Remote Desktop on the Admin Computer, then click Scanner and verify that the Mac computers on which you plan to install Centrify are listed and that ARD Version column displays 3.0 (or later). For example:

  5. Select one or more computers from the list, then click Install. For example:

  6. In the Install Packages window, click + to locate the CentrifyDC.pkg in the DirectControl agent disk image. For example:

  7. In the DirectControl agent disk image, select the CentrifyDC.pkg file and click Open to add it to the Install Packages list. For example:

  8. In the Install Packages window, click Install to install the listed packages, For example:

In most cases, you can use the default settings to install the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac. If you want to schedule the installation for another time rather than completing the installation now, click Schedule. For more information about the Apple Remote Desktop installation parameters, see Chapter 8 “Administering Client Computers,” in the Apple Remote Desktop Manual.

If you click Install the Remote Desktop displays a progress bar and task status for each of the computers selected for the installation.