Using Safari to access protected web sites

If you want to use a smart card to access restricted Web sites — such as those for the Department of Defense (DOD) — using Safari as your web browser, you should configure the certificate to use for authentication.

To configure a certificate for the smart card:

  1. If you have Safari open, choose the Safari menu, then click Quit Safari.
  2. Insert your smart card in the reader, then navigate to Utilities and open Keychain Access.
  3. Select the provisioned CAC keychain for your smart card.
  4. From Category list, select My Certificates.
  5. Right-click the certificate you want to use to authenticate your identity. In most cases, you should select the Authentication Private Key certificate or the Digital Signature Private Key certificate, depending on the web site you want to view.
  6. Select New Identity Preference.
  7. Type the complete URL for the web site you want to access, then click Add. For example: