Verifying smart card configuration

After enabling smart card support, as described in Configuring smart card login, do the following to verify that a smart card is working:

  1. Insert the smart card into the reader.

  2. Open the and run the following command:

    % sc_auth identities

    You should see that the smart card has paired to the Active Directory user. For example:

    Paired identities which are used for authentication:
    9800A35AD2A41AEFB03CF431B76BA194E22F48EE    pivau1 - Certificate For PIV Authentication (PIV AU 1)

Note:   You never need to pair your smart card manually. If you see the following SmartCard Pairing dialog, that means that the smart card support is not ready. Please re-check the smart card support GP and then excute the command adgpupdate.