How smart card log in works with fast user switching

Fast user switching enables a user to log in to a computer with a different account without logging out the first account. If a user is logged in with a smart card, fast user switching does not work.

If you want to switch to a different user, you must unplug the smart card to so. The following procedure shows how to work around the smart-card limitation on fast user switching.

To perform fast user switching when logged in with a smart card

  1. With fast user switching enabled, log in to a Mac computer using a smart card — for this example, assume a single-user card provisioned with the name scuser.
  2. Switch to a different, non-smart card account (for example, normal1) and enter the password.

    The login fails for the new account and you are prompted for the smart card PIN.

  3. Unplug the smart card.

    If the Lock smart card screen is not enabled in the domain, the desktop for normal1 is displayed.

    If this policy is enabled, the screen is locked. You can unlock the screen by logging in as normal1.