Using the agent on a dual-boot system

If you are using a dual-boot system, and the computer name is the same for each version of the operating system, the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac(adclient) will not launch when you reboot and switch operating systems. The problem is that each operating system sets its own password for adclient and the password does not work for the other operating system.

The best way to avoid this problem is to provide a different computer name for each operating system. Because the computer names are different, the password for one operating system is not changed by the other operating system.

If you want to use the same computer name for both operating systems, you can work around the problem, as follows:

  1. Leave the domain (adleave) before rebooting and switching operating systems.

    Note:   You may leave and join the domain after rebooting and switching the operating system. However, you will experience some delay while adclient attempts to launch and fails.

  2. Reboot with the other operating system.
  3. Rejoin the domain (adjoin).