Automount network shares


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Automount Settings > Automount network shares


Specify the network shares to automatically mount when a user logs in. The default network share mount location is User_Home/Network Share.

This policy supports SMB, AFP, and NFS shares.

To add a share

  1. Enter a path to mount the share in the Mount to: field.

    The path should start with / or ~. The default value is ~/Network Shares. In this case, network share folders would be mounted under the directory Network Shares of user's home directory.

  2. Click Enabled, then click Add and enter the share in one of the following formats:



    • keyword is one of smb, nfs, afp

    • server is the name or IP address of the server and can include a user or user and password in the form: user:@server or user:password@server.

    • share can include spaces and be followed by a subdirectory.

    For example, the following are all valid share specifications:

    smb:// Users
  3. (Optional) Select Create Dock icon to create a link to the network share in the user’s Dock.

Once enabled, this policy takes effect when a user logs out and back in to a computer.