Adjust items that will be synchronized in the background (deprecated)


User Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Mac OS X Settings > Mobility Settings > Legacy Settings > Adjust items that will by synchronized in the background


Specify the folders to synchronize in the background for users with mobile accounts.

If you enable this group policy, click Add and type a relative path to the files and folders that should be synchronized, then click OK. The path should not start with the slash (/) character. If the path you specify does not start with the relative path designation (~), the client adds ~/ to the front of the path. You can specify multiple paths by separating each path with a comma, or by clicking Add and typing a path multiple times. For example:


This policy requires the Enable/disable background synchronization rules (deprecated) policy to be enabled.

Once this group policy is enabled, it takes effect when users log out and log back in.